Meet Erica—
'The Burnout Professor' and creator of #UndeniableTruth

Guiding burnt-out leaders in high-stress positions to find peace, get focused and rediscover their value.

What's up, everybody!
I'm Erica Cuni

If you met me back in 2014, I would have told you I had a black cloud over my head. I was so burnt out I had nothing left to give. I wasn’t in tune with my body or my thoughts. I was short tempered and had no patience.

Then I was hit by a Mack dump truck driving to work, a long-term romantic relationship ended, I was fired from my job, drank a lot and had to move back to my parents’ house with my dog because I had no money and lots of debt.

My first night I sat on the floor with a bottle of wine, ugly crying and asking myself how I got there. I’d already done therapy. I did the forgiving and healing. I mean, I was a licensed trauma therapist, working to help clients figure out their own stuff. So, what the hell was I missing?

#UndeniableTruth is what I was missing. I launched my comeback from burnout and toxic stress and kicked off my journey to mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

As a full-time “Burnout Professor,” podcast host, Reiki practitioner, avid meditator, and essential oils lover, I’m living my #UndeniableTruth.

Get the spark back in your life.

#undeniabletruth—where we own it, speak it, and live it

#UndeniableTruth is what I wish I had when my life was falling aparta road map, a guide, a step-by-step process to help you find ”you” again and get your life back. A guide that says “this way next” so you don’t have to thinkif you’re burnt out, you know exactly what I mean.

#UndeniableTruth is a course, a podcast and a new way to find the career, relationships, and lifestyle you keep daydreaming of.

I’ve made it my mission to show everyone who works in high-stress situations that burnout doesn’t have to be part of our norm. When we do the work we build lives filled with joy, gratitude, compassion, love, and PEACE.

Ready to find YOUR #UndeniableTruth? Let’s go!

Believe it to receive it.

Gratitude for Erica