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Let’s go! As a former graduate professor, clinical therapist, radio DJ, and bartender, I’ve always spoken for living. From all that, I know how to read a room: my audiences don’t just listen, they pay attention.

After my events, people say things like “I wish we had more time!” or “That presentation was the best I’ve seen in 21 years.” I’ve spoken for groups as large as thousands or as intimate as groups of 20, both in-person and virtually.

If you’ve got an audience of first responders, mental health, educational and front-line medical professionals, entrepreneurs, active duty military personnel or Veterans, I talk about how we can beat burnout, develop a success mindset and rediscover our intrinsic value. We go beyond just talking about it—my #UndeniableTruth presentation is interactive, experiential and creates impact. Participants walk away with actionable steps to start using right away.

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Official Bio

Erica Cuni, LMFT, is an educator, guide, podcast host, speaker and fellow survivor of burnout who teaches people what they wished they learned in their professional training—how to beat burnout.

She transitioned out of traditional talk therapy because the model simply isn’t working. She wholeheartedly believes that professionals with high stress can level up their stress management game without worrying about insurance, diagnosis, medication or moving to Bali for a year-long retreat.

Erica’s done everything from professional radio DJing to bartending (she’ll tell you she’s been a “therapist” for a lot longer than what her license says). She found her calling after getting hit by a Mack dump truck, a massive reminder that life’s too short for pursuing anything less than your true passion.

When she’s not working, Erica likes spending time outside with her dog Bear, attending concerts, and country line dancing in her favorite pair of cowboy boots.

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